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Beast Mode - Men’s Post Workout Body Spray - 3.5 oz (SHREDDED)


Breaks Down Most Foul Odors at The Molecular Level on Skin, Hair and clothing

  • DON'T JUST MASK ODORS AFTER THE GYM WITH COLOGNE, KILL IT - Our unique custom designed formula combines essential oils and other natural ingredients to break down Body Odor, Sweat and Smoke down at the molecular level. You can even use it to keep your Gym bag smelling fresh.
  • YOGA, LUNCHTIME WALKS, JOGGING AND OTHER EXERCISE CAUSE US TO SWEAT - We don't always have time for a shower after our work out, Beast Mode makes you smell fresh and masculine without having to jump into a shower.
  • STAY FRESH ANYWHERE ANYTIME - We have all had those days where stress and heat causes our body to sweat. No one wants to smell bad, Beast Mode to the rescue. Just a simple spray and you will smell as fresh as when you left your house. Sized for safe airplane travel as well.
  • INSPIRED BY FAMOUS DESIGNER COLOGNE AND PERFUMES - Just like many fashion brands are inspired by great designers, so are our fragrances inspired by top selling colognes and perfumes. Alien, J’adore, & Black Opium
  • OUR INNOVATIVE FORMULA WILL LEAVE YOU CONFIDENT AND FRESH - Designed to help destroy the malodors associated with an active lifestyle. We use a distinctive blend of natural essential oils and fragrances which are odor-neutralizing, ALUMINUM FREE, PARABEN FREE and keep you feeling fresh and fabulous 

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