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All Sport- Sport Equipment Spray 22oz

Mold Monster

Great on hard to clean sports gear: • pads • gloves • skates • cleats • helmets • gear bags

All Sport works as an antiseptic encapsulating odor-causing mold, mildew, bacteria and other micro-organisms. Kills foul smelling fungus at the source! • Non-toxic • Environmentally friendly • Antimicrobial All Sport eliminates odors and keeps equipment clean until the next workout.

Safe to use on any material: Fabric, plastic, foam, vinyl! NO BLEACH or harmful chemicals!


Deodorizes and disinfects sweaty gear and sports equipment.

Great for smelly lockers, too!

Bryce Salvador, pro hockey player and NHL veteran

“I became part of the company because I believe in this effective, natural product... I can safely use Mold Monster products for killing harmful bacteria and smell from my kids’ and my own gear without chemicals like bleach, ammonia or alcohol. It works!”

Discover what Australia’s native people have known for thousands of years: Tea Tree Oil has many beneficial properties, including being one of nature’s strongest antiseptics!

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