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Smoke Eater Pro 16 oz Commercial Strength Fabric Odor Eliminator (LEMON FRESH)


Eradicates the Toughest Odors from any Apartment, Airbnb, Car (Rideshare) - No More Smoke or Bad Food Smells Left Behind

  • LEAVE A FRESH IMPRESSION ON YOUR GUESTS - Subtle and alluring scents draws us into an environment before we are even aware of their existence; however, foul odors can drive us away or leave us with a bad impression. Smoke Eater Pro leaves your home or rental smelling fresh and clean.
  • OUR SUPER CONCENTRATED FORMULA WORKS LIKE MAGIC- This commercial strength concentrated formula works quickly to eliminate any unwanted smell left behind by guests at your rental home, Airbnb, VRBO, Share ride or even your apartment.
  • EVEN OUR OWN HOME CAN SMELL OF A BAD ODOR- Cooking salmon, curry dishes, pet odors, backdrafts from your fireplace and more can all leave a bad odor in your home.  With Smoke Eater Pro, a little bit goes a long way to “clearing the air”.
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE AIR CLEANSER AT YOUR FINGERTIPS - Arm your House keeping staff or maintenance crew with the strongest product on the market. It can tackle even the toughest odors fast and effectively.
  • MADE IN THE USA - We use materials from America and employ American workers in Pennsylvania to ensure only top-quality product are put into the air you breathe.

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