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Made in USA

Smoke Eater - Jasmine, 4 oz.


Kill smoke odors, don't just cover them up!

Eliminate smoke and other odors with the power of natural essential oils. Just spray generously on any surface or fabric and let air dry, no rinsing or washing necessary!

Natural Tea Tree Oil destroys odors and doesn't just mask them.  Freshens with a jasmine scent. Lavender ChamomileTea Tree and Black Glacier scents also available.

Made with natural essential oils, Smoke Eater is safe enough to use on your hands, but strong enough to remove stale, foul  odors embedded in fabrics and surfaces that have come in to contact with smoke.


  • Spray liberally
  • Let air dry
  • No rinsing necessary



  • Size: 4 oz.
  • Scent: Jasmine
  • Pump spray bottle
  • Active Ingredient: Tea Tree Oil, essential oils
  • Made in the USA

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